The Courage To Teach: Teaching with Passion & From the Heart

We all want to be good teachers because we love learning & growing with our students.  Yet, at times, even the best educators can lose connection with the passion that motivated their decision to teach. This phenomenon can be all to familiar for supplemental Jewish educators, who are often are spread thin with their responsibilities inside & outside of teaching in a Religious School.  Using Parker Palmer’s seminal work The Courage to Teach as a guide, we will take time explore the way we think about teaching, learning, our subjects, & our students.  We will explore the way we & our students feel as we teach & learn, as well as ways in which we deal with our longing to be connected to something greater than ourselves.  This class will provide a forum for its participants to process & support each other, while affirming the gifts that each participant has as a teacher.

The purchase of The Courage to Teach is encouraged but not required.  Participants will engage in selections of this book through text study, online articles, & videos.