Crisis in our Schools: An Educator's Handbook for Safe Schools (EDU 562)

3 credits

This course provides educators with practical skills and ideas they will find personally and professionally helpful in preparing and developing strategies and materials for dealing with various crisis that may arise in the school community. Utilizing a case method approach, this course will challenge participants to examine their attitudes and expand their knowledge of a range of crises that impact students and schools today. Specific concerns from bullying prevention to managing the aggressive child will be addressed. All class participants will learn art therapy, explore the role of student assistance programs, and experience a mock expulsion hearing. 

Semester Information: 
Spring A: January 2- February 26

Current faculty


Required Texts:

  • Cullen, D.  (2009).   Columbine. New York, N.Y.:  Twelve ISBN: 978-0-446-54693-5
  • Davis, S. (2007) Schools Where Everyone Belongs.  Champaign, Illinois: Research Press. ISBN: 978-0-87822-584-2