Cultivating a Love of Learning Through Transformative Classroom Management

Transformative Classroom Management (TCM) is an approach to classroom management that inspires positive feelings and amplifies productive learning and student achievement by cultivating a love of learning. TCM promotes the creation of optimal conditions for learning, performance, motivation, and growth. Participants will learn to apply the lens of the Jewish values to the methodology of TCM in order to define, plan, and establish a renewed classroom culture. In addition, we will explore the ideas behind Positive Judaism, how it intersects with TCM, further inform how we structure our class environment.

Course Objectives:
At the conclusion of each course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand classroom management strategies through the lens of Jewish values and creation of ritual
  • Identify how transformative classroom management (TCM) is an approach to creating an effective classroom environment
  • Develop their own Sacred Classroom Management plan that can be integrated in their classrooms or their school.
  • Explore the idea behind the Positive Judaism mindset and how it can inform our classroom environment.

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Semester Information: 
Winter: Feb 3