Exploring God and Spirituality in Developmentally Appropriate Ways (all grades)

Little kids (and not-so-little kids!) ask big questions that relate to God, faith, and the universe. We know many teachers are uncertain how to navigate those deep, important conversations. This course - which will be taught from a pluralistic Jewish perspective - won't give you generic answers to recite to your students about what Jews believe. Instead, we will prepare you to introduce and explore profound questions in intentional and developmentally-appropriate ways that encourage ongoing reflection and dialogue. 

The ways our children understand faith and experience holiness is intricately tied to their verbal, emotional, and cognitive development. In this class, we will consider the concept of faith development and its practical implications for how we shape our lessons. We will explore a wide range of books, songs and activities that will help you open the gates of spirituality for your students at each stage of their faith development. You will feel prepared to cultivate your students' sense of wonder, to respond to their existential questions and to help them explore the spiritual dimensions of Judaism at all different ages and stages.