Fertility Matters in Jewish Education Presented in collaboration with UpRooted

One in up to four families faces some kind of fertility challenge (eg. conception, adoption, loss), meaning that multiple children in a classroom or group likely come from families that have faced and/or are dealing with fertility struggles. Participants will learn about the myriad ways in which students may be affected, and gain an understanding of how they can support these students and families. Jewish texts and teachings will be explored. For more information visit weareuprooted.org

Course Objectives:
At the conclusion of each course, participants will be able to:

  • Explore the various emotional, social, and familial impact that fertility struggles have on parents and children.
  • Consider the way in which fertility struggles can manifest in the classroom.
  • Explores ways in which educators and clergy members can offer support, engender sensitivity in their classrooms/communities, and use language that communicates understanding.

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Semester Information: 
Summer B: July 6