Gender and Genocide II (HGS 552/722)

Gender and genocide is an area of study critical to a more nuanced understanding of the different motivations and genocidal tools of perpetrators and the wide ranging experiences of victims. Specifically emphasized is the examination of the roles of women as victims, witnesses, survivors, and rescuers. This course takes an interdisciplinary approach drawing upon narratives, memoirs, oral testimonies, literature and historical sources. Topics to be covered include: genocide as a means of male bonding and substitute for employment, the centrality of masculinities in acts and processes of genocide and mass atrocity including sexual violence, sexual slavery, forced prostitution, forced pregnancy, and sterilization, and the experiences of women post-genocide. Specific issues related to LGBT victims will also be discussed. (M.A. Gender and Genocide course recommended but not required as a pre-requisite.)

Note: Master's students should register for HGS 552. Doctoral students should register for HGS 722.