Hebrew Through Movement

Hebrew Through Movement, which is both a curriculum and a technique, is widely recognized as one of the single best tools available to Supplementary School teachers who want their students to effectively and enthusiastically learn Hebrew. When you learn how to use Hebrew Through Movement, you will be able to create a more positive and joyful Hebrew learning experience for your students in just 15 minutes per session.

Additionally, your students will build enough vocabulary to comprehend core segments of common prayers or rituals. The curriculum is fun for both students and teachers. Students are engaged and enjoy learning Hebrew!

Hebrew Through Movement is an online course offered by the Jewish Education Center of Cleveland. By special arrangement, NEXT is making this innovative course available to Philadelphia Supplementary School teachers.
For more information about Hebrew Through Movement visit www.Hebrewthroughmovement.org



Semester Information: 
Online course with rolling admission. Ten hours of learning that can be completed at any pace.