The Holocaust and Memory (HGS 555) | Gratz College

The Holocaust and Memory (HGS 555)

We know a great deal about how the Holocaust happened. There are thousands of studies of its perpetrators, its victims, and its witnesses. Over six decades after the events, we've come to understand that the Holocaust changed our world forever. Certainly in the United States, the Holocaust has come to assume an important place in our public consciousness. But what kind of place is this? How have we gotten to this place, and where can we expect to go from here? Furthermore, awareness of the Holocaust has developed in other ways in other countries. In this course we will examine how people in the United States, Israel, and Europe, with varying historical relationships to the Holocaust, have both tried and avoided trying to develop an awareness of the Holocaust's meaning and constructed public ways of expressing that meaning. Our ultimate goal is to reach some new perspectives on a basic question: How has the Holocaust changed our world?