The Holodomor: Ukrainian Famine/Genocide of 1932-33 (HGS 759) (3 Credits)

The Holodomor (famine/genocide) in Ukraine in 1932-1933 was a result of the collectivization policy of the Soviet government and took about four million lives. The Holodomor had a profound impact on the entire population of Ukraine. The course will analyze the reasons, mechanisms and consequences of the Holodomor. Students will learn about the Soviet policy of collectivization of agriculture and why resistance toward this policy was the strongest in Ukraine. We will talk about the Ukrainian national movement and Ukrainian agriculture, discuss the Holodomor victims, bystanders and the perpetrators of this genocide as well as analyze the aftermath of the Holodomor and the reasons for denial of this genocide by the Soviets and the current Russian government.

This is a multi-disciplinary course, which will use historical and literary sources as well as art works and films.