Israel Education Through Food (All grades)

In this class, we will leap past current events and straight to the heart (and stomach) of Israel! We will use food to tell stories of Israel's history, diversity, and modern culture. Students of all ages will enjoy a sensory experience of Israel while cooking with you in North America! As we explore Israel through food and cooking, we will identify ideas and tools for using food and cooking to reach learners of any age and stage.

We will also consider logistical considerations such as cooking when you don't have a kitchen at your disposal, developing an activity budget and supply list, and building food-based lessons that balance content, food prep and time to clean up within limited spans of time. By the end of this course, you will have experienced the sweet, spicy, and savory of Israel, and be ready to embrace cooking as a key teaching modality. 

No cooking skills required.

Semester Information: 
Begins June 18th