Jewish Education Through Musical Play (pre-K - 2nd grades)

In this course, you will learn ways to engage your students in joyful Jewish learning through musical play. Like them, you will explore songs and sound, consider content, and engage in self-expression through listening, singing, moving, playing instruments, creating, and talking about musical experiences.

You will learn how musical play looks different at each stage of development with improvisation, reflection, conversation, imagination, and imitation as part of the mix. The strategies presented support different learning styles and personal preferences so that you can engage in learning in the way that you choose. You will emerge from this course with methods that incorporate art, writing, movement, technology and more with music. You will learn how music can be used across the curriculum; increase your song repertoire and knowledge of learning theories that support the effectiveness of musical play as a learning platform. We will explore music that represent a variety of styles that and topics including holidays, Torah, prayer, and values, as well as more specific topics selected by participants.

No musical talent or training is necessary to succeed in utilizing music as a tool to teach.

Semester Information: 
Begins June 18