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Navigating and Nurturing Complicated Conversations with Teens

(GRADES: 6-12)
With the minefield of tough topics faced by today’s teens, Jewish educators are challenged to reach teens in authentic, meaningful ways that highlight the relevance of Jewish tradition and foster Jewish community. This course will explore best practices for addressing issues of consent, gender identity, gun control, Israel, or any emotionally loaded topic, preparing the educator to decide when to remain neutral and when to name a bias, and how to create safe space around the conversation. Participants will receive broad content and context to frame their approaches, and tangible takeaways to enhance their work with post b’nai mitzvah students and teens in both formal and informal settings.

Course Objectives:
At the conclusion of each course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify topics of concern or complexity that come up in Jewish educational environments, and explore best practices for approaching them with high school students.
  • Consider personal perspectives on a variety of hot-button issues so as to create a plan for addressing them with teens.
  • Explore the concept of safe spaces through a Jewish lens, and develop plans for applying it in our work.

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Semester Information: 
Summer B: July 6