Sing, Move, Play, Pray: Supporting Cognitive, Linguistic, Social, Physical and Spiritual Development In The Jewish Classroom

Developmentally Appropriate Practice (D.A.P.) is at the foundation of excellence in education. This eight week intensive course will prepare participants to practice D.A.P. through music, and help them understand the vitally important role that music can play in enhancing and strengthening a child’s ’s cognitive, linguistic, social, physical and spiritual skill development. During the course, participants will acquire the tools and confidence to create, implement, and evaluate a diverse collection of strategies and songs that encourage meaningful student participation in Jewish educational environments. Through independent music listening, online group discussion, video viewing and analysis, and guided lesson planning, participants will build upon their existing knowledge and skills to improve and increase the ways that they are able to utilize music as a teaching tool. Collaboratively, the instructor and course participants will provide individualized feedback to participants, helping each student to take concrete steps towards the preparation and implementation of the content and skills presented in the course.

Course Objectives:
At the conclusion of each course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe how music is a vital tool in a well-rounded Jewish early childhood curriculum
  • Understand and articulate how to choose songs that will support healthy skill development for young children
  • Through assessment and implementation, create and/or review a repertoire of songs and musical experiences that reflect the material covered in this class relevant to the participant’s curriculum
  • Evaluate and explain how music enhances and strengthens cognitive, language, social, physical and spiritual development
  • Create, implement and critique a lesson/learning experience that uses music to explore a content area of the participant’s choosing and that reflects the participant’s understanding of concepts addressed in the course

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Semester Information: 
Summer B: July 6