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Small Humans, Big Questions: Exploring God and Spirituality

Little kids (and not-so-little kids!) ask big questions that relate to God, faith, and the universe. This course - which will be taught from a pluralistic Jewish perspective - won't give you generic answers to recite to your students about what Jews believe. Instead, it will prepare you to introduce and to explore profound questions in intentional and developmentally-appropriate ways that encourage ongoing reflection and dialogue. Participants will consider the concept of faith development and explore resources that can spark discussions and guide spiritual experiences. Participants will be prepared to cultivate their students' sense of wonder, to respond to their existential questions and to help them explore the spiritual dimensions of Judaism at all different ages and stages.

Course Objectives:
At the conclusion of each course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the theoretical frameworks for spiritual development articulated by James Fowler and Maria Montessori
  • Recognize how their personal histories and beliefs may or may not impact the answers and/or resources they provide to students about God and Spirituality
  • Compare and consider resources and tools that might inform the ways that they present concepts related to God and Spirituality to their children
  • Prepare and present a set of suggestions that could be offered to the parents of the children in their classroom related to how and why conversations and explorations of God and Spirituality can be extended

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Semester Information: 
Winter: Feb 3