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Standing on One Foot and Keeping Your Balance: An Introduction to Essential Skills for Jewish Educators

In this self-paced, nine module course, participants will gain access to all content, materials and assignments upon enrollment. There are no due dates or deadlines imposed. Participants will work on their own terms, at a speed and at times that match their individual needs. Some participants might choose to designate a short period of time and work intensively through the nine modules in a week or two, while others may space their participation over several months.

Each participant will schedule two conference consultation calls with the course instructor. The first conference will take place prior to the student beginning the self-paced course. During this first conference, the student will identify personal goals and challenges. During the second conference, which will take place once the student has completed all nine modules, the instructor will provide feedback and help the student articulate action steps and a plan for continued professional learning and development. The instructor will provide written feedback to student assignments throughout the course.

This course consists of nine modules, each of which will include an assignment that the student will submit to the instructor for feedback. The modules are designed to introduce Jewish educators with minimal teaching experience or training to relevant pedagogical principles. Topics include: kehillah (community) building, classroom management, learning styles and multiple intelligences, special needs, child development, lesson planning, instructional strategies, and student engagement.

Module 1: Who am I? Why Am I Doing This?
Module 2: What is MyJob?
Module 3: Know Thy Students (Part 1)
Module 4: Know Thy Students (Part 2)
Module 5: Owning Your Curriculum and Building a Syllabus
Module 6: Planning Effective Lessons
Module 7: Expanding Your Toolbox of Instructional Strategies
Module 8: Engaging Students by Asking The Right Questions
Module 9: Creating a Classroom Community and Classroom Management

Course Objectives:
At the conclusion of each course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe strategies to construct a classroom community exemplifying Jewish values
  • Develop lesson plans that are practical, goal oriented and measurable.
  • Design lessons that can be individualized and geared to a variety of learning styles Implement lessons using engaging and motivating strategies
  • Investigate and identify classroom management techniques that will encourage student engagement, bolster confidence and foster the creation of an optimal learning environment.

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