Teaching Tolerance in the Classroom (EDU 559)

3 credits

With such major technological, social, and economic changes in America, society is under pressure to advance yet retain what is best. This pressure has created opportunities for positive change and also planted seeds of divisiveness and insecurity. Tolerance is the answer. It is an understanding and a skill that must be taught, modeled, and reinforced in public schools because safety is the top priority of schools and growth is the goal. In this course, K-12 teachers will examine the definition and the basic issues of tolerance, bullying, safe and supportive schools, mental health, social-emotional learning, and prejudice and discrimination based on culture, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and/or income. This examination will be accomplished with various resources and activities such as articles, reflections, webinars, and case studies. The objective of this course is that K-12 teachers will be prepared to establish and lead tolerant classrooms where all students are safe, secure, and successful. This course will take place on-line in Spring B: February 27- April 30.

Semester Information: 
Spring B: February 27- April 23