A Tumultuous Time: Victorian America and the Civil War

Mondays, March 26 - May 7 (excl. April 2)
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Instructor: Herbert Kaufman

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Class 1:  The Causes of the War: An examination of American history documented through the political and social history of the United States.

Class 2: The Americans of the 1860’s:  Through original correspondence and photographs a look at the United States of the Victorian era; who were the soldiers; the changing role of women; and the cultural aspects of life in that era.

Class 3: The Jewish Civil War; Examines the history of Jewish America of the 1860’s and the participation of the Jewish community in the war effort.

Class 4: Abraham & Mary Todd Lincoln: Looks at the life of our 16th President and his first lady and Lincoln’s relationship to the Jewish community.

Class 5: The Era of Reconstruction: How did America change after the end of the war?  Examines the cultural and governmental changes in American society.

Class 6: Hollywood and the Civil War: Presents many of the notable, interesting and more remarkable films that capture different perspectives about the Civil War.  It examines the writers, novels, and the films, many of which have become iconic depictions of this historic era.