Using Rabbinic Texts to Generate Lively Discussions (3rd - 12th grades)

In this class we will read and study four stories in the Talmud, the large corpus of rabbinic discussions of law (halakhah) and stories (aggadah). The stories will include topics of friendship, constructive conflict, speech and language, and the place of Torah in our lives. Among the benefits of learning Talmudic stories is their ability to provide the context for important conversations across a range of ages. You will learn how to use this aspect of the Talmud to generate lively discussions about ethics and living Jewishly.  

Using different modalities such as video, storytelling, and project-based learning we can learn how to introduce our students to the world of Talmud. Take away fresh ideas to explore with your students and immerse them in the engaging world of Jewish text study.

Semester Information: 
Begins July 23