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This course addresses the issues of children with special needs beginning with an overview of social trends, parent interaction, developmental characteristics, and general age characteristics. Students will explore the role of the director in creating an overall plan for working with the...

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(GRADES: 5-12)

Semester: Summer A: June 1

This travel-study independent course is designed for students who travel abroad to visit sites related to the Holocaust or other genocides and/or for independent research on a topic related to Holocaust and Genocide Studies.

Boost student engagement and trigger curiosity while celebrating the spring holidays. Inquiry-Based Learning (IBL) encourages students to be actively involved in the learning process by creating their own questions, searching for answers and presenting what they have learned...

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Semester: Winter: Feb 3

This course investigates developmentally appropriate teaching strategies for preschool through grade 4. The course will focus on how to avoid siloed learning and apply integrated learning principles by incorporating math, science, social, emotional, language, literacy, social studies, and the...

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Semester: Online Fall 2019 B- October 23 – December 17

Mindfulness meditation helps lower stress levels, improve energy and focus, and allows the practitioner to be more present. As students cope with life’s pressures, it is important to provide them with practical tools that can help them ground themselves. Participants will...

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Semester: Winter: Feb 3 / Summer A: June 1

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all share common human lifecycle events, and these are commemorated in rituals for birth, entering adulthood, marriage, and death. In addition, the three Abrahamic faiths observe holy days, celebrations, and fast days and follow religious observances specified in...

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The three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all share a common belief in the sanctity and meaning of prayer, whether we pray in Hebrew, Latin, Arabic, or English. This course will focus on the structure and meaning of the Sabbath liturgy in Judaism, the Roman Catholic Mass in...

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Semester: Online Fall 2019 B –October 23 – December 17

This course first provides an overview of the structure and content of the sacred scriptures of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, including their similarities and differences. Selected passages from the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, and the Quran will be studied, especially those topics that...

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The three Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all have strong messages on social justice and the need for social action to alleviate human suffering.

This course focuses on some of the major theological beliefs in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The course will be based primarily on comparing the 13 Principles of Faith of Maimonides, the Nicene Creed, and the Five Pillars of Islam, with a variety of later Jewish, Christian, and Islamic...

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This course provides a graduate-level introduction to Classical Judaism, covering the Biblical, Rabbinic, and Medieval periods. After surveying the history and major texts of the Classical period, the course will concentrate on training students to analyze classical Jewish texts in depth, first...

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Semester: Online Fall 2019 A – August 21- October 15

This course will introduce Ed.D. students to the expectations of doctoral study and provide a road map for successful completion of the degree program. Among the topics to be covered: an overview of types of doctoral research, the Institutional Review Board process, selecting and refining the...

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Semester: Online Fall 2019 A or B- August 21 – October 15 OR October 23 – December 17

(GRADES: 6-12)
As Jewish educators, we are accustomed to teaching Israel tough the lenses of history, politics, geography, and food. In this course, we will discover new ways to explore Israel with students - by integrating Israel into holiday education. We will expose tie-ins between the...

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Semester: Winter: Feb 3

This course provides dual enrollment high school students with an introduction to Modern Israel within the context of the Middle East. Through the formal academic study of primary sources, maps and video clips, students will explore and analyze various aspects of Israel's history, society and...

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Semester: Online Fall 2019 Traditional (15 weeks) –August 21 – December 10 (Weekly live webinars on Wednesdays, 8:00-9:30pm)

This course introduces effective principles and techniques of management in contemporary classrooms. Attention is given to strategies and theories of classroom management, as well as the design and organization of classrooms that facilitate developmentally appropriate practices and student...

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Semester: Online Spring 2020 Semester A- January 8 to March 3, 2020

This course will focus on the skills and sensitivities necessary in professional supervision, a critical aspect of leading an early childhood program. Specific standards and procedures will be discussed for the hiring and releasing of staff as well as clinical supervision and formative...

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Semester: Online Fall 2019 B- October 23 – December 17