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This course will emphasize the understanding and proper management techniques as they relate to personnel, camp program, physical site, health, food, transportation services, and risk management planning. Students will learn how to follow and adhere to appropriate business and financial...

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An analysis of current practices and future trends in the marketing and recruitment of students in higher education. Predictive modeling, as it applies to realistic enrollment planning will be examined.

Semester: Online Spring 2021 Semester A- January 6 - March 2, 2021

This course will examine the particular marketing challenges associated with defining the approaches and services to beneficiaries as well as the cultivation of funding sources. At the organization and program levels, students will consider the application of marketing principles and branding to...

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Semester: Online Spring 2021 Semester A- January 6 - March 2, 2021

Seminar for students completing their final thesis or project. Students will be guided to determine the format and approach to their individual assignments throughout the semester through group and individualized discussions.

The 3-credit final project is a more practical approach to exploring and presenting applied research on a particular topic in the field of Holocaust and Genocide Studies. It must be completed under the guidance of an advisor. It offers the student an opportunity to explore a topic making use of...

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The 6-credit thesis must have a substantial research component and a focus that falls within Holocaust and Genocide Studies. It must be written under the guidance of an advisor.

Designed to provide guidance in the analysis, interpretation, and evaluation of research reports and methods commonly used in education and the social sciences. Students will apply this knowledge in their concept paper as they identify an applied action research area of interest, prepare a...

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This seminar examines selected portions from the Bible as tools for transmitting Jewish values to students in Jewish Day as well as Supplementary high schools. The material will be translated into goals and objectives as well as teaching methods and strategies. Aside from study of the text...

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The course will cover a variety of techniques and themes in teaching Jewish history. We will study the teaching of local Jewish history and the use of oral history, and techniques for working with historical artifacts, including both physical artifacts and textual artifacts, as well as uses of...

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How students perceive themselves as learners in the classroom has a marked effect on motivation and success. This course investigates how mindsets are developed, and what role they play in engagement, effort, and academic achievement. Course content focuses on the development of a framework for...

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Semester: Online Fall 2020 Semester A- August 26 to October 20, 2020

This course introduces fundamental concepts in the field of moral development and moral education as presented in theoretical, empirical, and pedagogical literature. Course content focuses on the relationship between human development and lifelong trajectory of growth and learning.  Attention...

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Semester: Online Spring 2021 Semester B- March 10 - May 4, 2021

The traditional reward-punishment model does little to promote achievement; however, concrete researched-based ways to motivate students do exist. Motivation as it applies to the learning process will be surveyed: basic human needs, the driving force behind all human behavior, inspiration and...

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Semester: Online Spring 2021 Semester A- January 6 - March 2, 2021

Throughout history, Jewish communities around the world have used music to express their values and to preserve their traditions. In this class, students will explore the diverse languages, texts and sounds that are part of Jewish culture, and discover the ways in which music has evolved in the...

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