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This course will explore the following three questions: (1) Does Judaism have saints, and if so, who are these saintly Jewish heroes? (2) What is the definition of a Jewish saint? (3) Can a sinner become a saint? We will also discuss the Christian concept of saints and how Christian saints are...

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An analysis of the role of internal and external governance and structures in k-12 education. This course explores the politics involved in school district governance and the leadership skills necessary to effectively lead in competing relationships.

Semester: Online Fall 2020 Semester A- August 26 to October 20, 2020

This course focuses on the laws and policies that affect all children in k-12 education. Students will be expected to analyze those laws and policies that impact their particular educational situation and assess compliance to best serve all children.

Semester: Online Fall 2020 Semester B- October 28 to December 22, 2020

Students will discuss a timely topic in seminar with a faculty or guest professor. Course topics will be developed and updated as appropriate with current issues in the field.

Students will focus and clarify their dissertation topics, state their research questions and predicted outcomes, outline their research plans, and develop a comprehensive bibliography of sources. They will then share these with fellow Ph.D. students and faculty for feedback. A preliminary draft...

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The Seminar in Biblical Hebrew introduces students to the work of biblical scholarship.  Participants in this seminar will work independently to understand, interpret and translate selected texts from the Hebrew Bible.  During weekly real-time meetings, participants will share their work and...

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(2 credits each = total of 4 credits)

This integrative seminar is designed to explore the challenges and dilemmas of serving the Jewish community. Participants will share field experiences, meet with lay and professional leaders, and analyze values and issues they will face as communal...

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The belief that there are only two genders which are assigned at birth, male and female, has been called into question in today’s world. This course will study the changes taking place in how people understand their sexual identity, including their right to choose their own sexual identity....

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Semester: TBD


Semester: Winter: Feb 3

This course examines the rapid growth of social entrepreneurship throughout the world and its ability to enrich communities by employing traditional business skills on behalf of the social sector. It also examines whether business entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs use similar skills and...

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This course explores systems change through the prism of school discipline, employing co-production and restorative practices to add youth courts to the toolkit of class participants. The course will focus on the five core values of Edgar Cahn's groundbreaking time banking model: 1) Everyone has...

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This college credit course is asynchronous, meaning that you can log into the class at any time(s) you want in a given week.

Tuition:  $995 – 3 college credits

This class will explore select learning disabilities and developmental issues, how they may present in a classroom setting, and ways to respond effectively.

Semester: Online Spring 2021 Semester A- January 6 - March 2, 2021

In this self-paced, nine module course, participants will gain access to all content, materials and assignments upon enrollment. There are no due dates or deadlines imposed. Participants will work on their own terms, at a speed and at times that match their individual needs....

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Semester: Rolling Enrollment

This course serves as a general introduction to the historiography of Nazi Germany, with emphasis on the interpretation of social and political trends leading to the Nazi seizure of power, their subsequent attempts to create a race-based society and state, and the implications for understanding...

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An exploration of models for assessment and quality improvement as they relate to future planning. The role of the administrator in strategic planning initiatives will be emphasized.

Thinking and planning strategically are essential for anyone in a leadership position and for those who aspire to assume that role in the future. This course covers the entire strategic planning process from gathering data, identifying key stakeholders, formulating your vision and mission,...

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This course will focus on the theory and practice of student affairs in higher education today, with an emphasis on academic advising, athletics, student life and safety, health and well being, and the creation and support of living communities. The legal ramifications of all aspects of student...

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Semester: Online Spring 2021 Semester B- March 10 - May 4, 2021

Successful interfaith dialogue does not happen automatically, nor does it happen overnight. This course will explore the best practices for successful interfaith dialogue and what common pitfalls to avoid in leading an interfaith dialogue. Students will be provided with many useful and practical...

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This course offers principles and functions of developmental supervision and their applications to Jewish education, as well as approaches aimed at improving and evaluating instruction and learning. There will be ample opportunities for supervised practice. (This is a required course for the...

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This course will address one of the most important challenges of the camp director: supervision of personnel and the camp program. Students will explore how to guide staff, foster professional growth, become a reflective practitioner and know the difference between supervision and evaluation....

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(GRADES: 6-12)

Semester: Summer B: July 6