This course focuses on the application of instructional design principles to the planning of instruction. Course content examines the use of traditional instructional design practices, as well as progressive instructional design theories that respond to the needs of 21st century learners. Course...

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Semester: Summer A: April 24 - June 18

Built on the foundation that professional educators never stop honing their craft, this course affords personal reflection on instructional practices, as well as strategies to improve record keeping, school and home communication, and student involvement in all areas of education.  It will also...

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Semester: Fall A (2018)

Students will gain a deeper understanding of professional writing and communications skills. They will develop competence in advanced written and oral communications, research and information literacy, reading and critical thinking. The course will strengthen research and communication skills...

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Semester: Summer B: June 19 - August 13

There are two basic approaches to interpreting the Bible, one that asks us to think in terms of what the text means to us in our time.  This approach asks us how we can apply the teachings of the text to our daily lives and practices.  The other interpretive approach asks us to think in terms of...

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Semester: Weekly on Sundays. This course can be taken for college credit.


An analysis of the role of internal and external governance and structures in k-12 education. This course explores the politics involved in school district governance and the leadership skills necessary to effectively lead in competing relationships. ( K – 12 Concentration)

Semester: Summer A: April 24 - June 18

Our digital world is evolving at an extraordinary speed. What’s the newest app of choice? How are tweens and teens connecting online? How do we keep up and support them when things go wrong? How do we help tweens and teens positively harness the power of social media to do good? What...

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Semester: Course begins February 20, 2018 and will be four weeks long.

This college credit course is asynchronous, meaning that you can log into the class at any time(s) you want in a given week.

Tuition:  $995 – 3 college credits

Thinking and planning strategically are essential for anyone in a leadership position and for those who aspire to assume that role in the future. This course covers the entire strategic planning process from gathering data, identifying key stakeholders, formulating your vision and mission,...

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Semester: Hybrid (Begins online June 19 and meets on campus at Summer Institute Sunday, July 15- Tuesday, July 17)

This course looks at the history of supervision from secular and Jewish perspectives, both of which provide the foundation for present day practice.  After studying Developmental Supervision, Adult Learning, and the role of interpersonal skills in the supervisory arena, the course also...

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Semester: Traditional Semester: January 2 – April 23


There are times in everyone’s life when we are called on to stand up for what we believe in.  Over the past few months, many of us have been brought to the point of feeling that we need to take a stand.  In this course, we will explore the many instances in history when members of our...

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Semester: Weekly on Sundays