This course explores current issues and obstacles faced by the secondary educator. Through constructive conversation and scholarly review, participants will take a critical look at topics which impact their own personal instruction as well as the overall climate of secondary education within the...

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Semester: Spring B: February 27- April 23


Are your lessons feeling a bit stale? Are you eager to shake up your classroom? 
Design Thinking is an innovative creative process that will help you design thoughtful lessons that are both ripe with Jewish content and loads of fun! 
In this course, we will learn the key...

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Semester: Course begins February 20, 2018 and will be four weeks long.

An Educator's primary role is to develop curriculum that provides opportunities for students to learn course content versus the Educator just teaching the course content. This course will address how educators can create powerful learning opportunities in an engaging and developmentally...

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Semester: Spring A: January 2- February 26

If you teach music in a supplementary school, this class will prepare you to maximize your time with your students while minimizing the prep time needed for planning, organizing, and finding resources to utilize in your work.  

Semester: Begins July 23

This course introduces best practices in assessment with special attention on assessing the social, cultural, physical, and intellectual differences of learners with special needs. Course content examines the roles and responsibilities of teachers in providing access and quality instruction...

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Semester: Summer A: April 24 - June 18

Teachers in grades K-12 are challenged by an ever changing and diverse school community. Students will examine components of diversity, culture, gender, learning styles, sexual orientation and disabilities. Through cooperative group activities, multi-media materials and literature, this course...

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Semester: Spring A: January 2- February 26

This course is designed to introduce doctoral students to theories and methods needed in preparation for research, data collection and data presentation in the dissertation report.  It will include helpful literature and substantive, epistemological, and paradigmatic issues students will need to...

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Semester: Hybrid : Begins online in Summer Session B on June 19, 2018 for 4 weeks and continues on campus from July 15-20. Final online week July 24-July 30. Also includes PhD Orientation.

This course on doctoral-level writing skills focuses on improving academic English appropriate to a qualitative study.  Included will be: use of Chicago style and format to write papers; use of footnotes or endnotes, bibliographies, indices, table of contents, appendices, etc.; how to write a...

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Semester: On campus from July 19-20

In this class you will have a chance to explore how to tell a story through images, words and music as we create a short film that showcases JCHS.

Semester: Weekly on Sundays


From the day it first opened its doors in 1895, Gratz College has been recognized as a teacher’s college, and has trained some of the finest teachers in America.  One of the great Gratz JCHS traditions is learning to become a Hebrew School teacher.  In this course, you will learn how to design...

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Semester: Weekly on Sundays. This course can be taken for college credit.