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Current Students

Students: Please be sure to check the COVID-19 webpage for regular updates regarding Gratz College courses, scheduling, and events. Please rest assured that the Gratz administration is monitoring this carefully and is deeply committed to the safety of our students and community. 

Quick Links


    Academic calendar lists important dates for each term.

Courses 2020

    Course catalog lists all current courses offered at Gratz College


      Procedures and requiremennts for the graduation ceremony

Email Portal

    Direct link to your official Gratz email

Email Password Reset

    Password reset and other IT issues can be answered here


    Learning Management System where you will engage with your professors and courses

Register for Courses (Netclassroom)

    Online platform to register, see grades, and pay bills. NetMail is a communication tool.

Required Texts - Spring 2021 Book List

    List of required texts for each course per term


Important Student Information 

Academic Catalog 

    Handbook including all program and course descriptions, policies, procedures, and information


    Student billing through NetClassroom

       Refund Policy

Opportunities/ Internships 

    Current opportunies in your field 


    List of current faculty of Gratz College

Gratz Gear

    Mugs, hats, shirts and more

Grievance Procedure

    Student feedback form and information

Institutional Review Board (IRB)

    Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Gratz College provides ethical and regulatory oversight of research that involves human subjects 

Library and IT Services 

    Tuttleman Library and the IT department services and assistance

New Student Orientation

     What you need to know to get started at Gratz

Office of the Registrar

    Registrar and official forms including ACT 48 and intent to graduate

Student Consumer Information

    All necessary student information including safety, tution, FERPA, ect.

Transcript Request 

    Official transcript request form