Curriculum Map

Students seeking a first credential in Jewish Studies may wish to advance their level of Jewish literacy by completing the Undergraduate Certificate in Jewish Studies, an 18-credit program consisting of 6 courses in Jewish Studies. These courses may be completed either in the classroom or on-line.

18 credits (6 courses) in Jewish Studies:

  • 3 courses in Classical Jewish Studies (including Introduction to Classical Judaism)
  • 3 courses in Modern Jewish Studies (including Judaism’s Encounter with Modernity)

Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies (120 credits)

  • General Education Requirements: A total of 81 credits may be taken at another institution and transferred in. Applicants need to have taken a minimum of 42 credits of general education courses at a regionally accredited institution in order to apply.
    • English Composition: 6 credits
    • Natural Sciences: 3 credits 
    • Mathematics: 3 credits
    • Technology: 3 credits
    • History: 3 credits
    • Social Science: 3 credits 
    • Literature or Fine Arts: 3 Credits 
    • Diversity: 3 credits
    • Electives in General Education courses: 15 credits
  • Jewish Studies Requirements:
    • Classical Jewish Studies: 9 credits
    • Modern Jewish Studies: 9 credits
    • Hebrew language: 15 credits
    • Jewish Studies Electives: 6-45 credits