Curriculum Map


The doctor of education at Gratz College is grounded in a pluralistic approach to Jewish values and education, while welcoming to people of all cultural and religious traditions. The 48-credit program is designed for practicing educational professionals to enhance their leadership abilities to bring about change and innovation in educational settings. The program emphasizes development of leadership skills through self-reflection, analysis, and best practices used to solve real problems in the workplace through practical application. Through enhancing higher order thinking skills and ethical behavior, doctoral students will be prepared to handle a broad range of social, political, and economic forces impacting education today.

The program consists of 6 core courses and 7 additional courses, in one of three tracks: Jewish Education, Pre k-12 Education, or Higher Education. All students will complete a 9 credit Applied Dissertation, broken up into 3 parts: Concept Paper, Proposal, and Final Report. The program is designed to be completed in 3 years, with 3 Summer Residencies required. All courses, with the exception of the Summer Residencies, will be offered online and in an 8-week accelerated model.


  1.  Students will be able to formulate and implement an organizational vision pertinent to their professional practice
  2. Students will demonstrate the ability to manage the organization, operations, and resources of a pre k-12, higher education, or Jewish education organization in a way that promotes a safe, supportive and effective learning environment.
  3. Students will collaborate with all stakeholders to respond to diverse interests and needs of the community and beyond and mobilize resources to meet those needs.
  4. Students will act with integrity, fairness, and ethical values.
  5. Students will demonstrate the ability to understand, respond to, and influence the larger political, social, economic, legal, and cultural context that influences education.
  6. Students will be able to synthesize scholarly learning and prior professional experience to promote practical application

Total Credits: 48
Required Core – 6 courses (18 credits)
Concentration – 7 courses (21 credits)
Applied Dissertation – 9 credits


EDD 700: Introduction to Doctoral Studies and
Academic Writing at the Doctoral Level 
(no credit, to be completed at or before start of program)
Core 1. EDD 705: Methods of Inquiry
EDD 898: Concept Paper (begin)

Track 1

Track 7


Summer B: hybrid, includes SI Core 2. EDD 706: Leading an Educational Organization

Track 2, hybrid, SI
EDD 899: Concept paper Due

EDD 899:Proposal Due
Dissertation Seminar and Special Topic, Required SI

FALL A Core 3. EDD 707: Strategic Planning for Educational Leadership

Track 3
EDD 899:Proposal Development Begins, IRB certification required

EDD 900 Begin Applied Dissertation Report (ADR)

FALL B Core 4. EDD 702: Critical Contexts in Educational Leadership Track 4 Continue ADR
SPRING A Core 5. EDD 703: Cross Cultural Perspectives in Educational Leadership Track 5 Continue ADR

Core 6. EDD 704: Needs Assessment, Program Design, Evaluation

Track 6

EDD 900 Final Product ADR Due – Oral Defense