Curriculum Map

Gratz College Doctorate (Ph.D.) in Holocaust and Genocide Studies

Total Degree = 48 credits
All courses are 3 credits
No transfer courses will be accepted at the Doctoral level

Required Core Courses = 3 courses/9 credits 
HGS 700: Unveiling the Underpinnings of Genocide
HGS 723: Genocide in the Modern World
HGS 737: Holocaust Historiography  

Electives = 9 courses/27 credits

Electives include:

HGS 703: Women in the Holocaust
HGS 708: Balkan Genocides in the Twentieth Century
HGS 711: History of Antisemitism
HGS 717: Resistance in the Holocaust
HGS 725: A Geographical Approach to the Study of the Holocaust
HGS 722: Gender and Genocide II
HGS 724: Holocaust, Genocide and International Law
HGS 726: The Psychology and Sociology of Altruism and Rescue
HGS 727: Post-Holocaust Theologies
HGS 728 : The Role of Muslims and the Holocaust
HGS 733: Loss and Renewal: The Aftermath of the Holocaust
HGS 756: Genocide Prevention
HGS 757: The Warsaw Ghetto
HGS 759: The Holomodor
HGS 760: America's Response to the Holocaust
HGS 762: The Church and the Holocaust
HGS 763: The Holocaust and Ethical Reasoning
HGS 796: Independent Study –Travel
among others…

Required Summer Residencies = 2 courses/6 credits

HGS 704/705:  Orientation, Doctoral Writing & Research Methods Seminar - First summer (before the first fall semester)
HGS 897: Concept Paper and Proposal Seminar–Third Summer (following two years of course work)

Seminar Dissertation Preparation = 2 courses/6 credits
HGS 898: Proposal
HGS 899: Final Dissertation Report

Comprehensive Exams - Written and oral Comprehensive Exams in 3 subject areas
General Holocaust Studies
Other Genocides
Dissertation Subject Area 

Foreign Language:  Students will be expected to demonstrate reading and research proficiency in the language(s) necessary for their research and dissertation.