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Curriculum Map - Camp Administration and Leadership

Degree Requirements (36 credits)

  • Required Core (27 credits)
  • Practicum in the Camp Setting (6 credits)
  • Electives (3 credits)
  • CMP 601: Foundations in Camp Administration
  • CMP 602: Leadership for the Camp Professional
  • CMP 603: Camp Law and Ethics
  • CMP 604: Communication and Collaboration
  • CMP 605: Management and Marketing
  • CMP 606: Curriculum and Program Development
  • CMP 607: Personnel and Human Resources
  • CMP 608: Supervision of Instruction and Personnel
  • CMP 609: Inclusion and Special Needs
The practicum is a culminating experience that provides extensive, hands-on opportunities for the student to reflect on his or her practice through the lens of acquired theories. Each student will craft a learning goal that will culminate in a project that demonstrates mastery of multiple topics studied in the program.  The practicum experience provides the student with growth and development opportunities in their camp setting with mentoring from a qualified camp professional. The practicum is 6 credits divided into two sessions.
  • CMP 610A
    Each student will craft a proposal that will culminate in a project demonstrating mastery of multiple topics studied in the program.  This written proposal will be submitted prior to implementation of the programs students develop for their camp community.
  • CMP 610B
    Students will implement their approved proposals at camp and document the experience through journaling in a weekly log, completing a final paper, and offering a presentation demonstrating the results of their projects.
Recommended electives include:
  • EDU 505: Teaching through Movement
  • EDU 506: Wellness & the Educator
  • EDU 521: Growth Mindset
  • EDU 522: Effective Learning Assessment
  • EDU 555: Culture & Family Dynamics
  • EDU 557: Current Issues in Understanding Economics, Class, and Language

Other electives are available in all departments by advisement. Students working in a Jewish camp setting are encouraged to choose electives from Jewish Studies, Jewish Education and Jewish Communal Service. Students working in non-profit camp settings may choose electives from the Nonprofit Management program.

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