MA Ed. Track & Certificate Offerings

Required Core Courses: (9 credits)
•    EDU 516 Principles in Instructional Design
•    EDU 518 Legal & Ethical Issues in the 21st Century Classroom*
•    EDU 522 Effective Learning Assessment
*ECE Track requires EDU 553 Child Development Prenatal through Grade Four in lieu of EDU 518

Understanding that creativity and technology are foundational constructs of modern education, the Creativity & Technology track prepares educators to meet the needs of the 21st century learner. Combining effective pedagogical practices with current models of creativity and technology, the Creativity & Technology track offers a roadmap for infusing its students with ingenuity and resourcefulness.

EDU 540 Foundations of Creativity and Innovation Theories
EDU 541 The Creative Educator
EDU 542 Creative Pedagogy
EDU 543 Designers of Learning
EDU 544 Creative Technologies

Electives: (6 credits, student choice)

Appreciating that educational readiness is greatly impacted by life beyond the classroom, the Dimensions in Identity track focuses on the individual circumstances and experiences of the learner. Combining solid principles of curricular design with sensitivity to personal dynamics, the Dimensions in Identity track equips educators to meet the differentiated needs of their students.

EDU 521 Growth Mindset
EDU 528 Temperament  & Learning
EDU 556 Diagnosing Needs in the Diverse Classroom
EDU 557 Current Issues in Understanding Economics, Class, and Language
EDU 559 Teaching Tolerance in the Classroom

Electives (6 credits, student choice)

Acknowledging the turbulence of today’s world, the Climate, Culture, & Management track focuses on creating an overarching learning climate of safety and trust.   Combining instructional excellence with strategies to promote respect, conflict resolution, and tolerance, the Culture, Climate & Management track focuses on both the social and educational needs of the school and the learner.

EDU 527 Teaching the Whole Child
EDU 537 Teaching Conflict Resolution
EDU 554 Contemporary Issues in Classroom Management
EDU 555 Culture & Family Dynamics
EDU 559 Teaching Tolerance in the Classroom

Seeking to best meet the professional needs of its students, the Integrated Curriculum track allows the educator to create an individualized course of study from the concentration offerings found in the Creativity & Technology, Dimensions in Identity, Early Childhood Education tracks, and Culture, Climate, and Management tracks. 

5 courses chosen from any of the Creativity & Technology, Dimensions of Learning, or Early Childhood Education track concentration offerings

Electives: (6 credits, student choice)

Honoring the high goals of the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), the Early Childhood education track offers a framework of excellence. From effective practices in documentation, to the building of effectual family relationships and developmentally appropriate instruction, students in the Early Childhood Education track will be prepared to act as standard bearers within the early childhood community.

EDU 543 Designers of Learning
EDU 555 Culture & Family Dynamics
EDU 560 Leadership & Advocacy
EDU 563 Play as the Foundation of Learning
EDU 533 Integrated Learning
EDU 534 Working with Infants and Toddlers

Elective: (3 credits, student choice)

Merging current pedagogy with the deep traditions of Jewish education, the Jewish Instructional education track serves those wishing to improve their skills and knowledge base as they pertain to all Jewish instructional settings.

•    EDU 510 Fundamentals & Orientations in Jewish Education
•    6 credits, Jewish Education Methods courses  (student choice)
•    9 credits,  Jewish Education Methods, Jewish Studies (student choice)

Electives: (9 credits student choice: Jewish Education, Jewish Studies, Holocaust & Genocide, Non-Profit Management, General Education )
Prerequisite/Co-Requisite: College level Hebrew 3 or exam exemption

(15 Credits)
Based on the Danielson© Framework for Teaching, the Certificate in Distinguished Teaching & Learning affords the opportunity to improve one’s educational practices, while also building a professional portfolio to be used for personal reflection and teacher evaluation.  The 5 course certificate includes:
  • EDU 593: Knowledge of Instruction, Students, & Resources
  • EDU 594: Environment, Culture, & Space
  • EDU 595: Classroom Interaction & Engagement
  • EDU 596: Professional Responsibilities
  • Elective chosen from MA Ed. offerings.
Required Core Courses (6 credits, student choice)
EDU 516 Principles in Instructional Design
EDU 518 Legal & Ethical Issues in the 21st Century Classroom
EDU 522 Effective Learning Assessment

Concentration Courses (9 credits, student choice)
EDU 540 Foundations of Creativity and Innovation Theories
EDU 541 The Creative Educator
EDU 542 Creative Pedagogy
EDU 543 Designers of Learning
EDU 544 Creative Technologies

(9 Credits)

EDU 560 Leadership & Advocacy 
EDU 562 Issues in Supervision of Programs for Young Children 
EDU 564 Creating a Practical Business Plan for Your Early Childhood Program: Turning a Vision into Reality