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Donation Policy

Donation Form

What We Collect

Library accepts donations of materials that directly relate to the College or Library collections. Of particular interest and value to the collection are scholarly print materials which support the mission and course offerings of Gratz College, including Education, Leadership, and Jewish culture and history.

What We Do Not Collect

Currently the Library does not prefer encyclopedias, newspapers, journals, magazines, popular fiction or non-fiction, or prayer books. We do not accept materials in poor condition. Please contact the Librarian in advance with any possible donations ([email protected])

What Will Happen to Donated Materials

If the materials were accepted, the donation will be organized and, if appropriate, a bibliographic record and/or finding aid will be created to describe the content and the arrangement.

If Library materials (e.g. books) are accepted, the donation will be processed and added to our online catalog in the order in which it was received. Accepted books will not indicate the name of the donor(s) unless otherwise indicated. Archival materials (e.g papers, photos, artifacts) will be placed in non-damaging containers and stored in facilities that provide security.

Reference services will be provided for the donation and will be available to researchers after it is organized, physically stabilized, and prepared for use. If the Donation Form was accepted and contained temporary restrictions on any portion or the entire donation, the restrictions will be strictly enforced, including confidential files.

If part of, or the entirety of, the donation does not fit within our collection, we reserve the right to either find another institution where the materials fit, or dispose of the donation, unless otherwise stated in the Donation Form.

The Library staff may choose certain materials to be scanned and published online with appropriate and complete citations.

If you have materials that you wish to donate, please email [email protected]
If you have materials that you wish to donate to the Holocaust Oral History Archive, call 215-635-7300 extension 293

 Last updated 8.20