For Ed Directors

As you work to strengthen your supplementary school program, turn to Gratz Advance’s NEXT program for support.  It is designed to address what is next for your teachers’ professional growth, which in turn enhances your program and your students’ experiences. The opportunity more and more Education Directors rely on NEXT for is our online classes. 

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Additionally, we offer Professional enhancement tools that are a great resource for your teachers:

The NEXT Professional Assessment Tool

Hebrew and Prayer Professional Assessment here.

Professional Growth Plan for teachers. 

Our Professional Growth Plans for teachers consist of specific, measurable learning goals and strategies that the teacher can pursue in order to address those goals. NEXT provides on-going support toward the achievement of those goals. Let us know if you would like us to work with your teachers on PGPs by contacting [email protected]

For Education Directors outside of the Philadelphia Area

Getting Support from Central Agencies and Federations

College Credit for Teens