Artist Reception and Gallery Talk

Jul/08 01:00 pm -
Jul/08 03:00 pm

Gratz College Leona P. Kramer Gallery

7605 Old York Road

Melrose Park PA 19027

Etchings on display in Leona P. Kramer Gallery

Sunday, July 8, 2018 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Gratz College Leona P. Kramer Gallery

7605 Old York Road

Melrose Park PA 19027

Gallery Talk
"What Job Got Wrong About Providence"
Rabbi Dr. Haim O. Rechnitzer
Associate Professor of Jewish Thought
Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion

A​rt Exhibition​
"Job In Our Time"
Etchings by Linda Nesvisky
on exhibition from June 5 - August 31 

Artist Statement

When I was in high school, I became interested in existentialism. Exposure to the French language, reading Sartre, Rimbaud, Ionesco, and Camus, and American authors such as Thornton Wilder, and Arthur Miller---all caused me to ponder “Life’s Big Questions”. Then I saw “J.B.” by Archibald MacLeish. I read Ecclesiastes, I read Job.  I looked at all the extraordinary etchings and drawings by William Blake’s in the Bodleian Library at Oxford University.  How amazing, thrilling, and wonderous it was to touch them, with white gloves of course.

Boils! Satan! Destruction! Fantastic descriptions of the universe with its stars and planets!  I walked into this subject and never turned away.  With this theme, I read the Bible for inspiration, but Blake was my muse.

The Book of Job continues to inspire, challenge and spark my creativity. Indeed, it has done so for philosophers, religious leaders and students, playwrights among others throughout  the centuries.  Whether the story is true, or a parable, the theme certainly speaks to our modern era with its many existential questions. This is why I named the exhibition “Job in our Time”.

In these two parallel  series of  twenty images each, I attempt to make them timeless, and nonspecific. For example, “The Family” is a unit, without individual faces. The “Consolation” likewise does not need to be illustrated from the chapter and verse; this is a theme we all experience in our lifetime.  “Soreboils” shows a Satan.  Is he real, or a figment of Job’s imagination? God is represented looking through binoculars, or as an owl. The written words, in a jumble of fonts I have stylized akin to graffiti “street” art.  The etched prints are collated loose leaf from 1 to 20.

The monoprints are one of a kind, sold only as a unit. The etchings can be purchased individually.

About the Artist

Linda Nesvisky studied art and art history at Carnegie Mellon University, Bezalel Art Academy, and the University Of Pittsburgh. Linda and her family lived in Israel between 1971 to 1991. The love of the Hebrew language, and profound appreciation of the total ethnic community where the best gifts she acquired there. In addition,  she maintained a municipal art studio in Jerusalem’s Artist’s Lane, outside the Old City walls, and served as tour guide in the Old City Jewish Quarter, living in a restored 13th century home within the Jewish Quarter. Presently she maintains a studio in Melrose Park, and works as a city of Philadelphia tour guide. She felt the need to have tours of Jewish interest, and eleven years ago, Linda began her own company ShalomPhillyTours. Her tour groups have included Hadassah, Ort, JCC, Senior Centers and Sunday school youth groups.

Linda has won many awards both in the field of art, and as a city tour guide. In 2010, her book, Jewish Philadelphia: A Guide to its Sights and Stories (History Press) culminated her keen interest in the Jewish arrival to America.


Prints on exhibition from June 5 - August 31

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