Louise A Whitelaw

Louise A Whitelaw

Adjunct Instructor in Education

Dr. Louise Whitelaw is a graduate of Drexel University, with B.S. degrees in Literature & Corporate Communications, an M.S. degree in Instruction, with PA certifications in Elementary Education and Environmental Education, and a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership Development and Learning Technologies. Her research interests include creativity studies, field experiences, and mentoring. Dr. Whitelaw is a former elementary and middle school science teacher, and was the Director of a mathematics and science learning lab. Her higher education experience includes extensive teaching in Education and English, as well as holding leadership posts working in the areas of field experience, supervising student teachers, academic coaching, and a mentoring program for beginning teachers in the School District of Philadelphia. In addition to her teaching at Gratz College, Dr. Whitelaw continues to serve as the Field Experience Director at Newmann University. Another area of professional focus has been teaching and on-line course writing.
Outside of her teaching world, her interests include spending time with family, writing, photography, taking walks, tennis, and enjoying the outdoors.

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