Fall Book List 2018

Principles of Instructional Design
EDU 516
Matt Duvall, Ed.D.

- All readings will be made available in the Moodle environment

Foundations of Creativity
EDU 540
David Parades, Ph.D.

- All readings will be made available in the Moodle environment

Current Issues in Understanding, Economics, Class & Language
EDU 557
Julia Agnew, M.S.

- All readings will be made available in the Moodle environment

Leadership and Advocacy
EDU 560
Debra Lawrence, Ph.D.
quired Text and other Readings
- Bloom, P. J. (2003). Leadership in Action: How Effective Directors Get Things Done. New
- Jersey: New Horizons Publisher   ISBN-13: 978-0962189470           ISBN-10: 0962189472
- Carter, M. & Curtis, D. (2009). The Visionary Director. 2nd Edtion  St. Paul, Minnesota: Red Leaf Press
- Kouzes, J. M. & Posner, B.Z. (2012). The Leadership Challenge Workbook. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass  ISBN-13: 978-1118182703        ISBN-10: 1118182707
- Talan, T. & Bloom, P.J. (2011). Program Administration Scale, 2nd Ed.  ISBN-13: 978-0807752456 ISBN-10: 0807752452
Recommended Texts & Other Readings
1. Students should strongly consider subscribing to Child Care Information Exchange Magazine. This magazine focuses its articles on managing and leading in child care. You can access the Exchange website at http://www.childcareexchange.com/
2. Carter, M. & Curtis, D. (1994). Training teachers: A harvest of theory and practice. Minnesota: Redleaf Press
3. Culkin, M.L. (1999). Managing quality in young children's  programs: The leader's role. New York: Teachers College Press
4. Hearron, P.F. Hildebrand V.F (2002). Management of child development centers USA: Prentice Hall.
5. Higgins, J.M. (1994). 101 Creative problem solving techniques. Florida: The New Management Publishing Company.
6. Lee, K. (2003).Solutions for early childhood directors: Real answers to everyday challenges. Maryland: Gryphon House
7. Robinson, A. & Stark, D. (2005). Advocates in Action: Making a difference for young children. Washington D.C.: NAEYC

Professional Responsibilities
EDU 596
Pamela Brown, Ed.D.

- Learning materials (assigned readings, lectures, etc.) will be provided in the Moodle environment.

Teaching the Whole Child
EDU 527
Lisa DeLay, M.A.

- Palmer, Parker (2007). The Courage to Teach: Exploring the Inner Landscape of a Teacher’s Life (Jossey Bass) ASIN: B01FGOFZ5E    ($11 - 15 on Amazon. http://amzn.to/2Fq4iv6 )
- Palmer, Parker (2007). The Courage to Teach Guide for Reflection and Renewal (Jossey Bass) ASIN: B01182DCA8 ($8 - 11 on Amazon http://amzn.to/2HAHxFb )
- Palmer, Parker (2009) A Hidden Wholeness: The Journey Toward an Undivided Life (Jossey Bass) ASIN: B004VB5RQ6    ($11 - 17 on Amazon http://amzn.to/2sOVz2D

Legal and Ethical Issues in the 21st Century
EDU 518
David Trevaskis, Esq.

- Hillman, S. J., & Trevaskis, D. (2014). School law: Legal framework, guiding principles, and litigated areas. Swedesboro, NJ: The American Institute for History Education. ISBN: 978­1­4675­9426­4

- Order the text (cost $90) by emailing PostmanPlus at [email protected] or calling 610-584-4200 to provide credit card info. They will send you the text in whatever form you wish, whether electronically, in a flash drive or a hard copy of the text via overnight shipment once you have paid for the order.

- Webliography (a collection of legal websites provided in the course)
- Applicable statutes and regulations pertinent to the state in which you work

Temperament and Learning
EDU 528
Jessica Whittemore, M.A.Ed.

- All assigned readings will be available through Moodle.

The Creative Educator
EDU 541
Louise Whitelaw, Ph.D.
Required Text

- Readings and presentation material will be made available in the course Moodle environment and include current and relevant text excerpts, articles, and current research-based journal articles. 
Recommended Texts
- Paul, R. & Elder, L. (2012) The thinker’s guide to the nature and functions of critical and creative thinking, 3rd ed,  ISBN: 0-944583-26-1  http://www.criticalthinking.org/ ($14.99—Amazon.com $20.00)

Working with Infants and Toddlers
EDU 534
Emily Aronoff Tech, Ed.D.

- No book will be required; this course will mainly use Neurons to Neighborhoods as out text, which is available for free online.  https://www.nap.edu/read/9824/chapter/1

Creating a Practical Business Plan for Your Early Childhood Program: Turning a Vision into Reality
EDU 564
Ellen Russell, MSTFP

- Jack, G. (2004). The Business of Child Care: Management and Financial Strategies. New Jersey: Thompson Delmar Learning. ISBN-10: 1401851800 ; ISBN-13: 978-1401851804   (~$24.95)
- Reno, H., Stutzman, J. & Zimmerman, J. (2008) Handbook for Early Childhood Administrators: Directing with a Mission.  Allyn & Bacon. ISBN-10: 0205469809; ISBN-13: 978-0205469802   (~$24.75)
- Talen, T. & Bloom, P.J. (2011). Program Administration Scale: Measuring Early Childhood Leadership Management. New York: Teachers College Press. ISBN-10: 0807752452; ISBN-13: 978-0807752456  (~$17.17 - $23.70)

Poverty and Education in American Schools
EDU 597
With David Keller Trevaskis, Esquire

Required Texts
The primary assignments will be taken from the following text book: 
     - Payne, Ruby K. (2005), A Framework for Understanding Poverty, 4th revised Edition, aha Process Inc. ISBN-13: 978-1929229482; ISBN-10: 1929229488 (Paperback, $10.95 and up)
All students will also be asked to read:
     - The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates by Wes Moore, ISBN-10: 0385528205; ISBN-13: 978-0385528207 (paperback $8.99, Kindle $11.99, Hardcover $19.49)  and
     - A Brain-Based Approach to Closing the Achievement Gap by Horacio Sanchez. ISBN-10: 143638205X
       ISBN-13: 978-1436382052 (Hardcover $29.99, Paperback $19.99) {see below, this book will be provided online by the instructor}
     - The first two books can be purchased almost anywhere. The Sanchez book will be provided online to all students. Other materials, including readings, references and exercises will be distributed during the course of the semester.  In the description of the assignments, “Text” refers to the textbook noted above.
Recommended Texts & Other Readings
Other readings (including the Sanchez text) will be made available in the course packet/Web site/Moodle environment

Music in Jewish Education
JED 516
Marsha Bryan Edelman, Ed.D.  

- All readings will be made available in the Moodle environment

Concept Paper
EDD 898
Honour Moore, Ed.D.

- There are no required texts for this course.

EDD 899
Honour Moore, Ed.D.

- There are no required texts for this course.

Governance, Ethics and the Law
EDD 725
Fred Loomis, Ph.D.

- Hendrickson, Robert M., Lane, Jason E., Harris, James T. and Dorman, Richard H. (2013).  Academic Leadership and Governance of Higher Education. Stylus.  ISBN:  9781579228811 (Hardcover, Amazon.com $40.91)
- American Psychological Association. (2009). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association. ISBN-13: 978-1433805615; ISBN-10: 1433950618 (Hardcover, Amazon.com $19.10)

Landscape of Jewish Education in Northern America
EDD 762
Joseph Davis, Ph.D.

- Judd Levingston, Sowing the Seeds of Character: The Moral Education of Adolescents in Public and Private Schools (Westport, Conn.: Praeger, 2007).  ISBN 9780313351914.  Prices on bookfinder.com (“The Google of Used Books”) start at about $40 for a new hardcover copy, but only about $4 dollars for a used hardcover copy.   The author has also very generously offered to let students buy new copies at his author’s discount price, which is about $25.
- Alex Pomson, Jewish Family: Identity and Self-Formation at Home (Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 2018). ISBN 9780253033093.  The book is brand-new, and there are no used copies.  The list price is about $25.
- Joseph Reimer, Succeeding at Jewish Education: How One Synagogue Made It Work (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1997).  ISBN 9780827606234 .  Price for a used copy on bookfinder.com: from $4, new from $10.

Transforming Schools
EDD 744
Alison Polly, D.Ed.

- Muhammad, A. (2018). Transforming school culture: How to overcome staff division(2nd ed.). Bloomington, IN: Solution Tree Press, a division of Solution Tree. ISBN-10: 1945349301; ISBN-13: 978-1945349300.  Paperback, $23.53, Kindle, $22.41
- Shields, C. M. (2018). Transformative leadership in education: Equitable and socially just change in an uncertain and complex world (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Routledge. ISBN-10: 1138633771; ISBN-13: 978-1138633773  Hardcover, $134.48; eTextbook, $43.19, Paperback, $38.63

Planning, Budgeting and Finance in Schools
EDD  727
Sarah Yoder, Ed.D.

- School District Budgeting by William T. Hartman - ISBN-13: 978-1578860685 Amazon.com:  Used $37.99/Kindle $51.99/New $67.99 - 
- What Brain Research Can Teach About Cutting School Budgets by Karen D. Olsen - ISBN-13: 978-1412980494  Amazon.com:  Used $16.74/Kindle Rent $12.93 or Buy $30.14/New  - $31.73 -

Planning, Budgeting and Finance
EDD 724
David Nerenberg, M.P.A.

· Goldstein, Larry (2012). A GUIDE TO COLLEGE AND UNIVERSITY BUDGETING, 4TH ED.  Washington, DC: NACUBO (National Association of College and University Business Officers) (Nonmember price: $75.00 Member Price: $50.00)  http://products.nacubo.org/index.php/leadership/a-guide-to-college-and-u...
· Barr, Margaret J. and McClellan, George S (2018).  BUDGETS AND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT IN HIGHER EDUCATION, 3RD EDITION.  San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. ISBN-10: 1119287731; ISBN-13: 978-1119287735  ( Amazon.com $32.87; Kindle $31.19)
· Worth, Michael (2017).  LEADING THE CAMPAIGN, THE PRESIDENT AND FUNDRAISING IN HIGHER EDUCATION, 2ND EDITION.  New York: Rowman & Littlefield.  ISBN: 9781475828849 (cloth), 9781475828856 (paper), or 9781475828863 (electronic)

Introduction to Doctoral Studies
EDD 700
Karen Galardi, Ed.D.

- John W. Creswell (2019). Educational Research: Planning, Conducting, and Evaluating Quantitative and Qualitative Research plus MyLab Education with Enhanced Pearson eText—Access Card Package, 6th Edition  ISBN-10: 0134458966 | ISBN-13: 9780134458960 ($100.89)
- Galvan, M. & Galvan, J. (2014). Writing Literature Reviews (7th ed.)  Routledge—ISBN: 13: 978-1936523375 (Buy, $40.99, Rent $16.34)
- Rudestam, K.  & Newton, R. (2015). Surviving Your Dissertation (4th ed.)  Sage Publications-- ASIN: B01181MSGS  ($85.87)
- American Psychological Association. (2009). Publication manual of the American Psychological Association. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association. ISBN-13: 978-1433805615 (Rent, $12.21, Buy $23.35)

The Holocaust and European Mass Murder
HGS 510
Monika Rice, Ph.D.

- Friedländer, Saul. Nazi Germany and the Jews: The Years of Persecution, 1933-1939, New York : HarperCollins, 1997.  ISBN-10: 0060928786; ISBN-13: 978-0060928780 ($18.51)
- Friedländer, Saul. The Years of Extermination: Nazi Germany and the Jews, 1939-1945. New York: Harper Collins, 2007. ISBN-10: 0060930489; ISBN-13: 978-0060930486 ($55.14)

Gender and Genocide in the 20th Century
HGS 558
Jennifer Marlow, Ph.D.

- Adam Jones, Genocide: A Comprehensive Introduction, ISBN-13: 978-1138823846, ISBN-10: 1138823848—Amazon.com Paperback $43.13; Also available online as a PDF
- Ung, First they Killed my Father: ISBN-10: 0060856262, ISBN-13: 978-0060856267-- Amazon.com  Used Hardcover from $6.75, Amazon Kindle $12.99
- S. Drakulic, S.A Novel About the Balkans-- ISBN-10: 0140298444, ISBN-13: 978-0140298444—Amazon.com  Paperback $9.99, Amazon Kindle $9.99
- Thomas Kühne, Belonging and Genocide. Hitler’s Community, 1918-1945-- ISBN-10: 0300198280, ISBN-13: 978-0300198287, Amazon.com  Paperback $35, Amazon Kindle $20.36

Nazi Germany and Corporate Collaboration
HGS 526
Patricia Chappine, Ph.D.

- Michael Bazyler, Holocaust Justice, NYU Press (April 1, 2005)  ISBN-10: 0814799043; ISBN-13: 978-0814799048; Hardcover $33.00, Kindle $20.86, Paperback from $18.61
- Edited by Francis R. Nicosia and Jonathan Huener, Business and Industry in Nazi Germany, Berghahn Books; 1 edition (March 1, 2004) ISBN-10: 1571816542, ISBN-13: 978-1571816542; Hardcover $50.47, Paperback $27.95

Judaism and Christianity
JST 615
Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.

- There are no required textbooks for this course. All readings will be available online.

Masters’ Project/Thesis Seminar
HGS 597
Monika Rice, Ph.D.

(Books for this seminar are required)
- Kate L. Turabian, A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations, 8th  edition, University of Chicago Press, 2013. ISBN: 9780434799701; Hardcover $27.56, Paperback $2.39
- Chicago Manual of Style, 16th  edition, University of Chicago Press, 2010. ISBN: 9780226104201 $37.70 Rental also available.
- These works are available fairly inexpensively if bought used. 

Master’s Thesis
HGS 598
Monika Rice, Ph.D.  

- Reading materials will be discussed with the Thesis Advisor.

Master’s Final Project
HGS 599
Monika Rice, Ph.D.

- Reading materials will be discussed with the Project Advisor.

Post-Holocaust Theologies
HGS 727
Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D. & Paul Mojzes, Ph.D.

- There are no required textbooks for this course. All readings will be available online.

Holocaust, Genocide and International Law
HGS 724
Kristen Nelson, Esq.

- Michael Bazyler, Holocaust, Genocide, and the Law: A Quest for Justice in a Post-Holocaust World (2016). [nb; Either the 2016 hardcover or 2017 paperback versions are acceptable.] 
- Additional reading materials, as needed, will be provided during the course. These may include law review articles, news articles or other scholarly writings. 

Unveiling the Underpinnings of Genocide
HGS 700
Jeff Benvenuto, Ph.D.

- All readings will be made available in the Moodle environment

A Geographical Approach to the Study of the Holocaust
HGS 725
Carson Phillips, Ph.D.

- Doris L. Bergen, War & Genocide: A Concise History of the Holocaust, THIRD EDITION, published 2016, 384 pages         ISBN-10: 1442242280; ISBN-13: 978-1442242289 Hardcover $34.06, Paperback $11.10 - $36.71, Kindle $28.50 (prices from Amazon.com)
- Students should ensure they are using the 3rd edition, as there is a 2nd edition which was published in 2009 but it has 296 pages. The 3rd edition was updated and contains additional information not included in the earlier edition. 
- Other articles, videos, chapters etc. will be available in the Moodle Platform

Project and Program Management
MGT 575
Jean-Mark Choukroun, Ph.D.

- Harvard Business Essentials, Managing Projects Large and Small, Harvard Business School Press, 2004, ISBN 978-1-59139-321-4, available from Amazon.com and HBS Press. Estimated cost, $17.25
- Other readings and additional material will be made available by the instructor throughout the semester in the course packet/Web site/Moodle environment

Fundamentals of Human Resources
MGT 510
Tricia Dressel, M.S.

- Noe, Raymond; Hollenbeck, John; Gerhart, Barry; Wright, Patrick (2016) Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, Sixth Edition. McGraw Hill Education. ISBN 978-0-07-771836-7 (Amazon Rent-$22.98 - $120.60; Buy $120.60)
- Course packet link ($51) https://hbsp.harvard.edu/import/556181
- Students will need a Gratz library account to read articles in EBSCO Business Source Elite.  Please contact the librarian at [email protected]

Capstone/Applied Research Project
MGT 600
Instructor TBA

- There are no required texts for this course

Hebrew I: Beginners
HEB 000/206
Dina Maiben, M.A, J.S.

- Brandeis Modern Hebrew; Brandeis University Press, ISBN-13: 978-1584654599; ISBN-10: 1584654597 ($85.00)
- Live webinars; Monday & Thursday evenings 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm (Eastern time zone)

Hebrew III
HEB 208/503
Rhonda Wittlin M.Ed.

- Brandeis Modern Hebrew; Brandeis University Press, ISBN-13: 978-1584654599; ISBN-10: 1584654597 ($85.00)

Bibilical Hebrew
HEB 210/510
Bunnie Piltch, M.Ed.
STEP BY STEP - Volume 1, Second Edition; MENAHEM MANSOOR - ISBN 978-0801060410 (Paperback: $24.00)  https://www.amazon.com/001-Biblical-Hebrew-Step/dp/0801060419/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1514928127&sr=8-1&keywords=Biblical+hebrew+step+by+step

Judaism and Christianity
JST 615
Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.

- There are no required textbooks for this course. All readings will be available online.

American Jews: Honoring the Past, Looking to the Future
JST 521
Reena Sigman Friedman, Ph.D.
Hasia Diner, The Jews of the United States: 1654 to 2000 (Berkeley, Los Angeles and London: University of California Press, 2004). ISBN 0-520-22773-5 ($15.88)
- Jacob Rader Marcus ed., The Jew in the American World: A Source Book (Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1996). ISBN 0-8143-2548-3 ($24.02)
- Jonathan D. Sarna, American Judaism: A History (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2004). ISBN 0-300-10197-X ($18.40, Paperback, Prime)
Note: Required readings other than the texts above will be available in the Moodle course packet. Recommended readings (i.e. readings that are suggested but not required) will be listed for most class sessions, and some of these will also be available in the Moodle course packet, or in the required texts). Please see the “Bibliography” for full citations for the readings listed for each session, and for additional sources.
- There may be some repetition of factual material in the readings because I have included various authors’ treatments of the subject matter, reflecting different emphases and historiographical perspectives. Primary source selections are also listed for most sessions. I recommend reading the lecture first, and then doing the reading. I have included links to timelines that may be helpful as you read.

The New Diaspora
JST 616/816
Joseph Davis, Ph.D

- Milton Esman, Diasporas in the Contemporary World (Polity Press, 2009).  ISBN: 9780745644974.  New: $ 20.00, Used: $4.00 e-textbook/Kindle -- $ 24.95.
- Tudor Parfitt, Black Jews in Africa and the Americas (Harvard University Press, 2013).  ISBN: 9780674066984.  New: $ 32.50, Used, $26.50, no bargains around.  Kindle: $17.88
- David Shneer and Caryn Aviv, New Jews (New York University Press, 2005).  ISBN: 9780814740187.  New $26.  Used from about $6.56 incl. shipping, on bookfinder.com.  Always check bookfinder.com.  Amazon.com new is temporarily out of stock.  Used is similar to bookfinder.  Kindle: $22.10

Wrestling with Parashat Hashavua: The Weekly Torah Portion
JST 230/630
Joseph Davis, Ph.D.

Successful Interfaith Dialogue
IFL 620
Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.

- Hornung, Maria. Encountering Other Faiths. (Paulist Press, 2014). ISBN: 0809144913. $14.95 paperback.
- Patel, Eboo. Interfaith Leadership: A Primer. (Beacon Press, 2016). ISBN: 0807033626. $12.23 paperback.

Judaism and Christianity
JST 615
Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.

- There are no required textbooks for this course. All readings will be available online.