For Jewish Institutions

Jewish Institutions such as Central Agencies, Federations, Synagogues, Day Schools, Boarding Schools, JCCs encounter Jewish teens in a myriad of ways and are invited to promote JOLT classes to teens in their communities.

Think of a teen:

  • Who would enjoy meeting Jewish peers from near and far

  • Who would like to continue with formal Jewish learning that is not otherwise available

  • Who is at a certain level of Hebrew who would like to continue learning with a group of peers

It may even be that the option to receive college credit through JOLT attracts teens to your programs.  This program is called Gratz Academy and it enables teens to earn college credit while still in high school.  We have partnered with a number of organizations to create programs that benefit their own teens through an alliance with Gratz Academy.  Classes can be offered online, on-site, or a hybrid of both.  Click here to learn more. 


Jewish institutions who promote JOLT classes to teens in their communities are welcome to negotiate partnerships with JOLT so that, for example, a discounted tuition can be a benefit of affiliation with a specific school or organization.

Some Jewish institutions elect to pay the tuition for teens who are members of their community. In such partnerships, JOLT is happy to negotiate special tuition rates.

JOLT is also happy to partner with specific programs and institutions to actually develop exclusive online classes for your teens. These can be hybrid classes that are partially taught at your location, or they can be entirely online. When they are online, we can train individuals in your community to teach online or we can identify someone with expertise in the subject area and hire them to teach the class!

For more about our partnership opportunities, click here.

You can also contact our office at [email protected]