Jewish Outdoor, Food & Environmental Education (JOFEE) Fellowship

Hazon  in partnership with the JCC Association of North America is launching the year-long JOFEE Fellowship, beginning in May 2016, to invigorate the Jewish educational landscape by training and mentoring a cohort of outstanding JOFEE educators, who will work in Jewish communities across the country. The Fellowship is supported by a grant from the Jim Joseph Foundation, and is being developed in collaboration with Pearlstone Center, Urban Adamah, and Wilderness Torah.

Interested in becoming a JOFEE Fellow? Are you:

*  A Teva educator who wants to teach JOFEE year round?
*  A recent Adamah Fellow with education experience, who wants to bring the magic of Adamah into communities elsewhere?
*  A Jewish educator or communal professional who wants to get into JOFEE and hasn't had the opportunity?

Or do you know any of these people? Applications are now open!