Jobs at Gratz

Posting Date: 26 September 2019
Position title:
Gratz College Chief Budget Officer (CBO)

Job type: Part time, approximately 20 hours per week with seasonal variations

Reports to: President

Summary: The CBO leads the overall operating, cash flow  and capital budget development process for the College, coordinates budget policy, reviews and analyzes budget requests, collaborates with department heads on requests, and participates in financial/budget committees.  The CBO will also help design and update forms and reports in the budget process.  The CBO works closely with the President Chair and Treasurer of the Board of Governors and Finance Department.

Employer information:  Founded in 1895, Gratz College was the first non-denominational, egalitarian institute of higher learning created by the American Jewish community.   Initially focused on training teachers for Jewish schools in the Philadelphia area and Hebrew language studies, today’s Gratz is a pioneer in online graduate education and home of the first online Holocaust & Genocide Ph.D. program in the United States. Rooted in Jewish values, Gratz serves the general community through excellence in the training of educators, scholars and non-profit administration.   Gratz is located in Melrose Park, a suburban community approximately ten miles north of Center City Philadelphia.  Gratz College is an equal opportunity employer.


  • The CBO leads the overall operating budget development process for the College, coordinates the budget policy, reviews and analyzes budget requests, collaborates with department leaders on requests and participates in financial/budget committees.
  • The CBO will work closely with the President of the College as well as the Board Chair and Board Treasurer to develop a budget that aligns with the strategic plan.
  • The CBO will work closely with department heads to understand their departmental needs, collect budget information, translate and accurately model current and future initiatives under different scenarios.
  • The CBO will collaborate with members of the finance department to ensure transparency.
  • The CBO will coach non-financial faculty and staff to understand the budgetary process
  • The CBO will ensure strong working relationships with the Finance Department of the College as well as with other departments
  • The CBO will implement best-in-class mechanisms for the review of the budget to identify opportunities to more effectively deploy the College’s financial resources.


  • CPA or MBA with a minimum of 5 years of budget planning leadership experience
  • Experience in higher education is preferred
  • Exceptional leadership, coaching and mentoring ability
  • Experience in making high-level presentations to senior/Board-level leaders
  • Experience in financial software and capacity to customize reporting


Send a resume with cover letter to [email protected] with “Chief Budget Officer” in the subject line along with salary requirements.

Upon request, three letters of reference to [email protected].