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Elizabeth Hassenfeld headshot
May 19, 2022

The Elizabeth T. and Abram P. Piwosky Memorial Lecture for Emerging Scholars in Jewish Education with Ziva R. Hassenfeld, Ph.D.

Jewish studies is at a crossroads. Tasked with enormous and competing responsibilities including textual literacy, Jewish literacy, decoding skills, reading skills, language skills, cultural transmission, identity development, and spiritual inspiration, the Jewish studies teacher faces a near impossible challenge.

Read More about Creating 21st Century Readers in Jewish Education (opens in new window/tab)


a menorah labeled Happy Hanukkah

There is much that accounts for the revitalization of Hanukkah in the United States. A so-called “minor festival”—when measured against, say, Passover or other biblically-ordained holidays—Hanukkah has cornered the market on Jewish holiday merchandise, synagogue school cantatas, and YouTube song playlists. Most of all, it has emerged as a holiday that arrests the attention of young people, awakening them to creative and energetic possibilities of Jewish expression. This did not begin with the Maccabeats and their acapella hits.

a portrait of Mimi Ferraro

Mimi Polin Ferraro was raised in a family that was passionate about Jewish life and education. Her deep Jewish roots nurtured her desire to live and work Jewishly. Throughout her lifetime, she was a tireless Jewish leader and educator. 

a portrait of Jerry Kutnick

Jerry Kutnick (Jerome; in Hebrew: ידידיה) was a gifted and ardent teacher, an assiduous and clear-sighted scholar, and a talented and innovative college administrator.  An esteemed colleague and a beloved co-worker, he is greatly missed.  

in case you missed it



This Friday, September 17, the nation celebrates Constitution Day.  On September 17, 1787, the Constitutional Convention, meeting not far from Gratz in Philadelphia’s Independence Hall, finished its work.  Delegates from twelve states (Rhode Island never sent any delegates) signed the Constitution.  Many of those who signed the Constitution are household names in the United States, like George Washington, James Madison, and Benjamin Franklin.  One, Alexander Hamilton, is on both Broadway, and our ten dollar bill.