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Creating 21st Century Readers in Jewish Education

The Elizabeth T. and Abram P. Piwosky Memorial Lecture for Emerging Scholars in Jewish Education with Ziva R. Hassenfeld, Ph.D.

May 19, 7:00 pm ET Online

Creating 21st Century Readers in Jewish Education
Jewish studies is at a crossroads. Tasked with enormous and competing responsibilities including textual literacy, Jewish literacy, decoding skills, reading skills, language skills, cultural transmission, identity development, and spiritual inspiration, the Jewish studies teacher faces a near impossible challenge. The laundry list of competing outcomes often results in hodgepodge curricula with constant moving targets. In response, this talk offers a new focused answer to the goal of Jewish studies in Jewish day schools: inducting students into a Jewish literate practice. I will offer a new vision for what Jewish studies classes could be and how they can prepare students for the reading demands of the 21st century.

Free program  

See full event page to register.