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Elizabeth Hassenfeld headshot
April 27, 2023

The Elizabeth T. and Abram P. Piwosky Memorial Lecture in Jewish Education with Sivan Zakai, Ph.D.

How do Jewish children in the U.S. think, feel, and learn about Israel? And how ought the adults who love children—their parents, grandparents, educators, and clergy—talk with them about Israel in developmentally appropriate ways? Drawing upon the first longitudinal study of American Jewish children's thoughts about Israel, this talk will spotlight how Jewish children develop an understanding of Israel and its relationship to American Jewish life, illuminating how children's ideas, beliefs, and opinions about Israel evolve as they grow.  

Read More about How Do American Jewish Children Think About Israel? (opens in new window/tab)
Joshua Teplitsky headshot
May 16, 2023

In this lecture, Dr. Ayal Feinberg begins untying the knots that form the complex nexus between the Holocaust, Israel, and contemporary Antisemitism. Armed with the newest data and novel quantitative analyses, he evidences a clear link between perceptions of Israel and diaspora insecurity. Further, in investigating the manifestations of collective victimhood and secondary antisemitism more broadly, he underscores how the Holocaust and its memory function as both an antecedent and a mediating variable in the evolving homeland-Diaspora relationship.

Read More about Shusterman Distinguished Scholar Lecture: The Knots that Bind, The Holocaust, Israel and Contemporary Antisemitism


rebecca gratz with letter image

Gratz College President Zev Eleff offers a reminder that we should be intentional about finding gladness and merriment in a complicated world.

in case you missed it



What the American Synagogue Learned from the US Constitution 

In 1790, the trustees of Congregation Shearith Israel of New York approved a revised constitution. The document began: “We, the members of the K.K. [i.e., “Kehillah Kedoshah (holy congregation)] Shearith Israel, met this day by a legal summons from the junta [board] published in the synagogue two Sabbath days successively, do by these present in the most solemn manner, in the presence of the Almighty and of each other, agree to form such rules to serve for and be considered as a constitution, and to accede to such other institutions, rules, and regulations as may be conducive to the general good of this congregation.”

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