NEXT Mentorship Program

Whether you are a novice teacher learning a new role or a senior educator looking to refine, refresh or retool your teaching, we are proud to offer you a FREE NEXT Mentorship experience. 

Are you finding a particular aspect of supplementary school teaching challenging? It could be anything – designing engaging lessons, juggling different priorities in a short amount of time, managing one particular student, understanding the curricular content. NEXT mentors will come and meet individually with you. Even if you who have been observed by your Education Director, you will find this to be a distinct and rewarding experience. 


When you complete a 6 hour mentorship, you receive a $180 stipend!
When you complete a 12 hour mentorship, you receive a $360 stipend!


We will assign a mentor to work with you for 6 – 12 hours to hone your teaching skills through a process of on-going support, feedback, and reflection. YOU decide on the specific focus and goals of the mentorship.

Our NEXT mentors are seasoned Jewish educators with extensive backgrounds in supplementary Jewish education. You meet with your mentor in person once at the beginning, when he or she comes to your classroom. After that, you can talk on Skype or by phone at times that are mutually convenient. Your mentor can help you plan your lessons and provide resources – actually saving you time in the long run.

With this ongoing, targeted support, your supplementary school teaching experience will quickly become more gratifying to you and more rewarding for your students!


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