Pass/ Fail Options for Students

Gratz College Pass/Fail Option During the Covid 19 Crisis

At a recent meeting the Gratz Faculty decided that in this time of stress and anxiety for students and faculty we should provide as many options for academic success as possible. In addition to ongoing flexibility in due dates for forums and assignments we are now offering our students an option to select a Pass/Fail final grade for their courses. This policy remains in effect until the end of Summer B and we will then re-evaluate based on the needs of students. 

This is completely optional based on each student's individual circumstances.  For Current Spring B Courses, you must make this request by the beginning of Week 8, which will be April 29. Taking the option of Pass/Fail will not be factored into your GPA and a Pass in any course ensures you receive those credits towards your degree.  This is a common practice that many universities are adopting in these uncertain times. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your instructor or Program Director.