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Summer Institute 2021

A college-wide event in July where we come together and learn from each other.

Summer Institute 2021 brings together the Gratz faculty and students with this 3-day virtual conference. This year we host 5 amazing guest speakers who will share their perspectives on how to navigate difficult topics in our professional and personal lives.

The Summer Institute has traditionally offered the Gratz community a chance to come together in learning and fellowship on campus. For Summer 2021, we are imagining a new way of coming together, by leveraging the extended reach of online learning. 

A theme of engaging in difficult topics as the connective thread will link all who participate in the Summer Institute. 'Difficult topics’ is intentionally broad, as we host keynote speakers across the areas of equity and inclusion, advocacy and social justice, and memory and remembrance. 

Thinking about difficult topics is nothing new for Gratz students. Many students who find Gratz are attracted by its emphasis on tikkun olam, the Jewish social justice concept of "repair the world". This theme, and its use within courses, will continue our reputation as pioneers in doing this work, focusing on how students can bring these conversations back to their professional practices and our work in the world.

View the main Summer Institute page for more information