Professional Assessment Tools

Professional Assessment Tools

The NEXT Professional Assessment Tool for Supplementary School Teachers is an opportunity for you to think comprehensively about how your teaching reflects current best practices in multiple dimensions. Specifically designed with Jewish supplementary schoolteachers in mind, it takes about 30 minutes to complete.

The PAT can be utilized in multiple ways including as a year-end teacher assessment tool. Teachers automatically receive copies of their answers and can indicate if they would like copies of their responses sent to their Education Directors.

NEXT Professional Assessment Tool

Hebrew and Prayer Professional Assessment Tool

Completing the NEXT Professional Assessment Tool is valuable in its own right, but we have also designed them to connect to another layer of teacher support and professional learning:

Professional Growth Plans.

The PGP consists of specific, measurable learning goals and strategies that you can pursue in order to address those goals. NEXT will immediately begin to provide on-going support toward the achievement of those goals. Let us know if you are ready to develop a PGP. Email [email protected]