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EDU 565 - Family and Culture: An Anti-Bias Lens for Early Childhood Education

In this course we will examine the main goals, potential challenges, and critical questions for successful implementation of an anti-bias framework in early childhood education. In the beginning of the course, we will highlight the interdependent relationship between culture, family, and the development and education of young children, along with the need to understand ourselves as cultural beings. In order to best support young children and partner with families, we must recognize children’s agency and capacities, value every child and family, and challenge stereotypes, misconceptions, injustice, and oppression. Active engagement in dialogue and reflection will contribute to the evolving professional identities of students as they explore the topics of culture, family, identity, justice, activism, gender, gender justice, race, antiracism and the role of intentional documentation, reflection, and lifelong learning as anti-bias educators.