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EDU 600 - Grossman Seminar on Contemporary Issues in Education

The Grossman Seminar offers chance for students to interact with visiting scholars and to explore a contemporary issue in education. For Fall B, our contemporary issue will be Perspectives on Engaged Living & Teaching

Iconic educational theorist Maxine Greene (1978) tells us that the best teachers are model citizens, remaining continually wide awake in the world, present to their students and the changing expectations of the modern world.


 This can be a lot to expect in contemporary society. Even before Covid, teachers faced challenges to their own well-being. Resource inequities, student learning and emotional needs, district requirements, even cultural expectations about what a teacher is and is expected to do… all of these things may contribute to issues with exhausting, stress, anxiety and – ultimately - resiliency in the classroom. This course intends to explore research on motivation, mindfulness and resiliency, exploring both theory and the practical application of strategies to positively impact the professional work of teachers.

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