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HEB 523 - Poetry in Song: The Poetry of Modern Israel

In this course, students will develop an understanding of Israeli society and culture through analyzing poetry and music. Each week will be dedicated to a poet (or two). We will explore the biographies of the different poets, the historical periods in which they worked and how these factors influenced their styles and themes. We will analyze selections of key poems. Students will then listen to musical renditions of the poems at hand, will discuss how they were interpreted, and why they have become popular in Israeli society.

This course will be taught in Hebrew and English. All materials (poems and articles) will be provided in both languages. While discussions will be conducted in English, there will also be opportunities to compare the original and the translated versions. The assignments in the course will range from literary analyses to creative tasks, such as writing a poem, composing music to an existing poem, creating a visual presentation etc. Students will be able to choose in which language to complete their assignments.


Prerequisite:  Hebrew I (HEB 000/206/501 or the equivalent)

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