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YIDD 203/503 - Yiddish III

This course will continue the development of all language skills: reading, listening, writing, and speaking. The emphasis will be on the verbal and written engagement with and comprehension of a wide variety of authentic Yiddish materials.

Students will review and expand their understanding of all tenses with separable and inseparable prefix verbs as well as of prepositions, conjunctions and dependent clauses, which were briefly introduced in Yiddish II. They will newly master periphrastic verbs (conditional, and comparative and superlative). Topics will include clothing, body, modes of transportation, activities in town, and Jewish holidays.

The course will incorporate short Yiddish poems, songs, film clips and other authentic materials that relate to the topics, as well as a short story by I.L. Peretz. All additional materials will be provided by the instructor. (Live webinars take place on Mondays and Wednesdays, 7-8:30pm.)

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