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privacy of student records


Gratz College handles information regarding a student’s personal, academic, financial records, disciplinary records and other student records in accordance with The Family Educational Rights Act of 1974 (FERPA). In general faculty and staff may not disclose personally identifiable information from a student or applicant’s record except with the student’s written consent. Some of the most common exceptions to this rule are:

  • To school officials with a “legitimate educational interest,” in other words, where the information is required or would be helpful in the performance of his or her duties, or in the pursuit of an enterprise sanctioned by the college;
  • To parents, if the parent properly documents that the student is a dependent for tax purposes;
  • In cases of alcohol and drug violations (if the student is under 21 or if the student is listed as a tax dependent regardless of age) or when the student poses a danger to him/herself or others;
  • As required by other law (e.g. if the college receives a subpoena, court order or other legal papers soliciting student records).

The Office of Enrollment Management at Gratz College maintains the academic records of all current students and determines the access and distribution of those records based on state and federal laws.

The Office of Student Life at Gratz College maintains the application records of prospective students, and the non-academic records of current students.

The Office of Student Records maintains the transcripts of students previously or currently enrolled in Gratz College. The Office of Student Records determines the access and distribution of those records based on state and federal laws. To order transcripts, contact the Office of Student Records

Students have a right to review their student records. Students also have a right to seek correction of records by submitting a request in writing with the information you wish to have corrected and the reason why to the responsible official. If the request is denied, Gratz College will notify the student of the decision. If the student chooses, he or she may appeal the decision in accordance with the grievance policy.