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Institutional Review Board

The IRB (Institutional Review Board) is responsible for making sure that all students doing research involving human subjects treat these participants properly. This is based on federal laws that we are obligated to follow. It is recommended that students who are considering involving human subjects in their research attend the IRB Workshop that is offered every summer during our Summer Institute, in order to have a basic understanding of how the IRB works. 

Before you can apply to the IRB to have your research approved, you must first obtain the PHRP Certificate:

(1) You must pay $50 to receive training from Protecting Human Research Participants (PHRP). Here is the link to their web page for the training:!/. Just click on the "Buy Course" button at the top, select PHRP SBE, and pay for the course with a credit card. After you take the online training, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you must download and email to me. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PHRP CERTIFICATE IS GOOD FOR 3 YEARS. If your dissertation or thesis is not completed within the 3-year period, you will have to obtain a new Certificate.

After sending your Certificate to the IRB Chair, you can begin the IRB application process:

(2) All the Forms for the application process can be found at the bottom of this web page.

You must first submit IRB 001 Face Sheet and your IRB Proposal (see the Guidelines for writing the proposal in form IRB 102), as well as the Advisor Review Form. The Advisor Review Form should be emailed by you to your Advisor to be filled out. Then your Advisor should email it back to you to submit as part of your IRB application. Please do NOT send a copy of your MA thesis proposal, final project proposal, or full Dissertation Proposal - just the IRB Proposal. Your advisor’s signature on the Review Form is a confirmation that your thesis, final project, or full Dissertation proposal has been accepted by your advisor. The approval process can proceed when the Face Sheet, the IRB Proposal, and the signed Advisor Review Form have been submitted to the IRB Chair (  PLEASE NOTE: If any minors are involved in your research, you will have to apply for a Full Review. If your research does not involve minors, you can apply for an Expedited Review. 

(3) All the various types of Consent Forms that you may need are also found at the bottom of this web page. After your proposal has been approved, you must email the IRB Chair copies of all signed Consent Forms before beginning your research.

If you have any questions about the IRB process, please contact the IRB Chair.


Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D., IRB Chair
Debbie Aron, M.S.W., L.C.S W.
Ayal Feinberg, Ph.D.
Karen Galardi, Ed.D.
Honour Moore, Ed.D.
Philip Moore, M.F.A., Ed.D.
Carson Phillips, Ph.D.


Ruth Sandberg, Ph.D.
Gratz College IRB Chair
215-635-7300, ext. 168